MIGUEL RAMA TORRES fell in love with Photography at a very young age. When he was 1 7 years old his Mother gifted him a film camera. From that moment on, a spark lit up inside of him and he began photographing. With a background in photography and art, a natural shift into filmmaking was inevitable. Rama doesn’t consider himself just a cinematographer, but rather a video storyteller and artist, capturing truth and beauty through the eye of his lens. His diverse portfolio includes numerous documentaries, commercials, short films, music videos and feature films.  

Cinematography and aerial cinematography have allowed Rama to follow his heart and travel the world extensively. He feels blessed and honored to get to travel the world and share, experience, document and capture a variety of stories, traditions, rituals and diverse cultures. Rama is fascinated by filmmaking and strives to evolve and expand with every project he is involved in. Rama works very closely with the Director/Directors to ensure their vision is met and comes to life on the screen. He captures the essence of that which is wanting to be told and shared.

Rama believes that the art of cinematography and travel broadens one’s view of the world and understanding of the self, while enriching one’s photographic palette and creativity. Experiencing various cultures and different countries, meeting people from all walks of life, and seeing the beauty that the world has to offer have all contributed greatly to Rama’s artistic vision and body of work.

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I took this portrait of Rama, the Director of Photography on my film 'Women Of The White Buffalo' when we were on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation shooting this feature documentary. Rama helped ground me, take perspective of that which was around me so I could find my strength and focus on the task at hand, to document the lives of the sacred Lakota Women. And what a journey. He has become a brother, an inspiration and truly went above and beyond for this film. The results are for all to see, a beautiful visual and testament to his heart. He saw the power of these people, the beauty around them and the connection to the earth. Thank you for supporting me and this important message. You are loved ❤️

Deborah Anderson, Director of the documentary film, 'Women of the White Buffalo'.